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Mucha's JOB
Alphonse Mucha was best known for his art of beautiful women which will be portrayed in this coin series. The "Mucha Style" became known as Art Nouveau which is French for new art. The Art Nouveau period was most famous from 1890 - 1910.
Amy Brown Red Queen
The Amy Brown Fantasy Coin Collection is minted from .999 silver and consists of six of Amy's most loved art works. The Red Queen, Lady of the Forest, Second Cousins, Discovery, Wall Flower and Dragon Secrets. Dusk is the common reverse.
Anne Stokes Collection
Introducing an epic new six-coin series, Anne Stokes Dragons. Anne Stokes is one of the top fantasy artists in the world creating striking designs. This limited edition series captures a selection of her awe-inspiring dragons in .999 Fine Silver.
The latest innovation from Osborne Mint - fine silver rounds that SPIN! Each round is colorized with amazing photos of our galaxy, licensed from astrophotgrahper Rob Gendler. The reverse features the Hubble Telescope & a spiral galaxy.
Angel Theodosia
The Steampunk collection is a series of 12 fine silver rounds featuring six sexy Angels and six steamy Demons. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction incorporating technology and artistic design into modern-day inventions.
The obverse art is grinning skulls adapted from the US American Silver Eagle, with a twist. Each is a unique western archetype, rendered as a highly detailed skull with character appropriate headgear and the reverse features a take on the Heraldic Eagle.
Colorized Day of the Dead
1 ounce .999 fine silver Day of the Dead concave round with brilliantly detailed color.
Thor God of Thunder - Silver Proof
An exciting series of .999 silver rounds honoring the 5 major gods and goddesses from Norse mythology in ogiginal designs created renowned Fantasy artist Howard David Johnson.