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M94 The Ring Galaxy
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Our newest collection features a  unique innovation that’s just out of this world, it's called the Galaxy and Nebulae Spinner Collection. It’s is a set of 6 one ounce .999 fine silver rounds. Each comes in proof or antique finish and depicts some of the most amazing phenomena from deep space. The common reverse features 3D images of a spiral galaxy, the Hubble space telescope and a land based radio telescope.

All 6 rounds feature a full color image generated using files downloaded from the Hubble Space Telescope and mated with earth based radio telescope data by astrophographer Rob Gendler.

Dr. Gendler captures the vibrant colors generated from light and radio spectra that make these gorgeous images. The natural forms and colors of the universe are then revealed using modern photographic techniques.

The second coin in the set is the the M 94 Ring Galaxy. The Galaxy’s name and its astral coordinates are made with OsborneMint’s COIN-SHOW™ design technique where the minted coin’s surface is allowed to show through to color layer. For astronomy fans, the coordinates specify the direction to a point someplace in the celestial sphere where the object can be observed.

Messier 94 is a spiral galaxy located some 16 million light years from earth in the spring constellation of Canes Venatici. This image is a composite portrait created by merging spaced based image data from the Hubble space telescope and amateur and professional ground based data. M94 is known as both a ring galaxy and a starburst galaxy. Its structure is formed by several inner and outer rings of gas, dust, and star formation. The starburst nature of M94 places it in a category of galaxies undergoing repeated and intense periods of active star formation. The brilliant blue stars arranged around the central core is known as a starburst ring and is formed by thousands of young massive stars.  

What’s so different about these coins?  When you put a finger on the proof surface, the print will wipe right off. That’s because Osborne applies a clear coat to each coin so it can be handled without fear of ruining the finish. Not ony can you touch it, but you'll want to when you see what happens when you give it a spin. See it in action here. Slow the speed of revolution and watch mesmerizing visual effects - swirling spirals, pulsating gas clouds and whirling bar galaxies. Finally there’s a coin that’s dynamic, not just pretty and you can do more than just flip it heads or tails.

Each image in the collection was chosen to generate a different spinning effect.   

Minted in Cincinnati Ohio from American sourced .999 pure silver, it has a minimum weight of 1 Troy Ounce. Each Coin is struck to proof standard, serial numbered, packed in a clear capsule and ships along with a Certificate of Authenticity with matching number. Every product made by Osborne is manufactured to the strictest standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. 

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