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As America's oldest private mint, Osborne traces its roots back to 1835 when Andrew Jackson was our president and there was no such thing as a legal tender banknote.  Indeed, there was no federally backed paper money until 1862. During that period there was a critical lack of coinage as what the Government minted from 1836 to 1848 consisted entirely of proof coins for collectors.  The lack of faith in privately issued paper banknotes created an opportunity for the production of more secure metal coins. The Cincinnati based company that would become Osborne Coinage started producing gold and brass coins early on, adding lightweight and modern aluminum to its catalog in 1892.

Photo of actual die used for Abe Lincolns 1860 campaign medals

Our secure die vaults contain tooling for historically significant coins like the campaign medallions used by Illinois Senator Abraham Lincoln during his presidential candidacy in 1860. In fact, we have dies on file for many of the candidates who ran against Lincoln in both 1860 as well as 1864.

Coal mines and lumber mills came to Osborne in the early 1900's to purchase scrip - money used to pay employees and accepted at company stores.  Known as ORCO Scrip, the counterfeit resistant coins were specific to a certain coal mine or mill and did not have value anywhere else.  Photo of Osborne Register - ORCO - token

In January 1944 the US Government called on Osborne to support the war effort by producing 2 billion fiber ration tokens.  Ration tokens were issued to each American family, dictating how much gasoline, sugar, meat and other items any one person could buy, thus saving coinage metals for the war effort.
Photo of Red and Blue Ration Tokens

Known by many historic trade names, including Z Bizbee, Murdock, Osborne Register and ORCO, the business has been a trusted name in private minting for over 175 years. With 60,000 sq ft of manufacturing under one roof, our warehouse holds enough copper, brass, nickel silver and specialty alloys to make more than 20,000,000 coin blanks. Our metal coils are purchased from US mills. Our self contained facility includes all engraving, die production and tool making necessary to produce coins and tokens.  With 3 blanking lines and coining presses from 100 to 1,200 tons, we can turn out as many as 600,000,000 tokens a year.

Photo of metal inventory in warehouse

Osborne is the mint of choice when trust and security are critical. Its owners and key executives have submitted to detailed background checks and been approved for licenses by 15 State and Provincial Casino Gaming Regulatory Agencies. Osborne is authorized to produce, among other things, the $1,000 face value tokens used for slot machines at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. Photo of $1,000 Wynn Casino token
 We’ve been inspected by General Mills to make sure our coins met strict standards for packaging in Cheerios boxes.  Shell Oil audited us before awarding the contract to make high security sweepstake prizes redeemable for a $50,000 gold bar.  For over 175 years, Osborne has proven itself as a business of character and trust. 

Products made by Osborne are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. We proudly stand behind the tens of millions of coins we make every year.

This year, the O over M, Osborne's historic mint mark, will be reintroduced and made available to customers who want the world to know that their coins were struck with the full assurance and integrity.O/M Mintmark Image