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2 oz copper bullet replica
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These 2 oz Copper Bullets are made of .999 fine Copper and are modeled after .308 Caliber Winchester rifle ammunition. These bullets are modeled as replicas and are not intended to be fired.

Product Highlights:
  • Contains 2 oz AVDP of .999 Fine Copper.
  • Each Copper Bullet comes packaged in an individual bag. Multiples of 10 or more come in APMEXclusive® blue camo packaging.
  • These Copper bullets are replicated from a .308 Caliber Winchester rifle cartridge.
  • The base is stamped with weight and purity.
  • All bullets are new and may have small blemishes or scratches from production and shipping.

These Copper bullets are a great way to exercise your right to bear Copper. While these replicas are not intended to be fired from a weapon, they can serve as an effective way to defend against inflation. These Copper bullets are a great addition to any firearm enthusiast. Check out these 2 oz AVDP Copper Bullet .308 Caliber replicas today! 

Due to the minting process, it is normal for Copper bullet replicas to exhibit general wear that can include scratch marks, dings, die polishing and other minor visual flaws. These acceptable blemishes occur in the minting process, and are unavoidable by the mint. Though these aesthetic flaws are not visually appealing, they do not affect the value of the Copper content. Each Copper bullet replica, including its blemishes, is handled with great care as it is received, stored and shipped by APMEX.

Minted in Cincinnati Ohio from American made .999 pure copper, it has a minimum weight of 2oz AVDP per bullet. Every product made by Osborne is manufactured to the strictest standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions.

Pure copper bullet replicas are sensitive to the oils on your fingers, so handle them with gloves. 

We proudly stand behind the tens of millions of items we make every year. 

Available exclusively from Apmex