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These non-circulating $5 denomination Native American coins are authorized by the Federally recognized  Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians. They are struck in .999 pure copper. Each weighs 1oz minimum and is identified by Osborne Mint's historic O over M mint mark. While not technically legal for trade,  the Tribe's sovereign status allows official authorization of these coins.  Total mintage will be limited to 100,000 coins.

The coining dies for Osborne Mint copper rounds are satin frosted, after which the backgrounds are carefully polished to a mirror finish, giving each coin a cameo-like appearance. The $5 Los Coyotes coin is struck with a plain edge like a US nickel, and made page flip. 

Every product made by Osborne is manufactured to the strictest standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions.

Pure copper coins are sensitive to the oils on your fingers, so handle them with gloves or by the edges to avoid staining. We recommend storing in a sulfur-free environment, like pvc-free tubes, flips or capsules.

We proudly stand behind the tens of millions of coins we make every year.